27 April 2022

Statement: First arrest concerning allegations of war crimes by special forces in Afghanistan for obstruction and harm to investigator 

The Australian Centre for International Justice (ACIJ) welcomes news of the arrest of an individual arising out of ongoing criminal investigations into allegations of war crimes by Australian special forces in Afghanistan. The charges relate to obstructing, hindering or intimidating an investigator and causing harm to an investigator. 

These are serious offences; war crimes investigators must be allowed to conduct their investigations without fear.  

We look forward to a timely dissemination of information to the public as appropriate from the Australian Federal Police and/or the Office of the Special Investigator. 

ACIJ expects that further arrests will follow on substantive war crimes charges and that information on significant developments is made available. 

Public outreach and the release of appropriate information is fundamental to trust and confidence in these ongoing war crimes investigations of international significance. The people of Australia, Afghanistan and beyond should be kept informed of the status of investigations. 



Image Credit:  LS Paul Berry/Department of Defence.

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