About Us


The Australian Centre for International Justice (ACIJ) is a newly established, independent, not-for-profit and specialist legal centre working to develop Australia’s capacity to investigate and prosecute atrocity crimes. The ACIJ aims to provide access to justice to survivors of serious and egregious violations of human rights, in particular the crimes of torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The ACIJ employs strategies to combat the impunity of the perpetrators to seek justice, redress and accountability for the survivors of these crimes. 

Despite Australia’s implementation of international crimes offences in law and the existence of a legal framework to prosecute these crimes, the practical legal implementation of international crimes investigations and prosecutions in Australia is still in its infancy. There have been only limited allegations, and investigations and minimal international coordination of strategy. We have established a dedicated legal service that engages critically and constructively with Australian authorities through legal action, submissions, policy change and community engagement.

The ACIJ endeavours to place Australia as a new avenue for accountability on the global stage and contribute to ending the impunity of those responsible for committing atrocity crimes.

In addition, ACIJ works with partners locally and abroad to ensure Australia’s conduct is consistent with international human rights law and international humanitarian law.

Our Mission

The Australian Centre for International Justice is an independent not-for-profit legal centre dedicated to seeking justice and accountability for victims and survivors of serious human rights violations.  We work towards developing Australia’s role in investigating, prosecuting, and providing remedies for these violations. We work with affected communities and partners locally and abroad in the global fight to end the impunity of those responsible for these violations. Our work is informed by the values of justice, accountability, human rights, dignity, courage and solidarity.

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