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Support for the ICC and the Rome Statute System

The International Criminal Court is a significant part of the international justice system. The ICC was established to end impunity for international crimes by holding the perpetrators of these crimes accountable, and to seek justice and redress for the survivors of these crimes. All states must respect the impartiality and independence of the ICC and stand firm against threats to its mandate.

Advocating for support for the ICC against US sanctions measures

Ahlone ports, Yangon Myanmar

In 2020 we saw the amplification of attacks from the US Government against the International Criminal Court, with threats in March 2020 of sanctions measures against ICC staff, and subsequently in June 2020, imposition of financial sanctions against the ICC’s Chief Prosecutor and another member of the Office of the Prosecutor. The Australian Centre for International Justice worked with human rights organisations to appeal to the Australian Government to condemn the threats and support the ICC against attacks, including through public and private engagement to pursue those ends. The Australian Government joined other States Parties in joint statements to protest the actions of the US Government.

Participation at the ICC Assembly of States Parties

For the first time, the Australian Centre for International Justice was represented at the Assembly of States Parties (ASP) to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court meeting in its 18th session in The Hague in December 2019 and in a virtual setting in 2020. The Australian Centre for International Justice is the first ever Australian civil society organisation to be present at the ASP. We attended meetings and held discussions with delegations and with partners from civil society organisations from around the world to learn from, and contribute to advancing Australia’s role in the fight against impunity for grave crimes.
Ahlone ports, Yangon Myanmar

Supporting accountability at the ICC: Palestine

Ahlone ports, Yangon Myanmar
In February 2020, the Australian Government joined a small group of other States Parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC to intervene in ICC proceedings and provide observations to a Pre-Trial Chamber arguing that the Court has no jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute grave crimes in Palestine. The ACIJ worked with human rights NGO partners in Palestine and others around the world to condemn this move and call on States Parties to support international justice and accountability and withdraw their requests to prevent an investigation from proceeding. Our media release broke the news, and our comments were featured in The Guardian. Rawan Arraf appeared on community radio to explain the proceedings at the ICC and Australia’s position. The ACIJ is committed to working with our NGO partners in Palestine and around the world, who represent victims groups from the occupied Palestinian territory in Gaza and the West Bank, to ensure access to justice at the ICC without discrimination.

Latest on Supporting the International Criminal Court

Statement on International Justice Day 2019

Statement on International Justice Day 2019

On the occasion of International Justice Day, the 21st anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute creating the International Criminal Court, the Australian Centre for International Justice (ACIJ) is committed to helping ensure Australia defends, supports and...

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