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October 18, 2019



‘Prosecute terrorists; don’t deport’

The Australia Centre for International Justice fronted a joint parliamentary intelligence committee review on the government’s proposed changes to its citizenship-revoking laws on Friday.

…[b]ut the centre’s director Rawan Arraf said stripping citizenship from dual-nationals for terrorism was “ineffective” and it was “inconsistent” with Australia’s international commitments.

October 9, 2019

The Sydney Morning Herald &

The Age


‘Australians trapped in Syria should be brought home to justice’

The suite of measures adopted by Australia are wholly inconsistent with Australia’s obligation and duty to prosecute international crimes, writes ACIJ Director, Rawan Arraf, in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.


October 7, 2019

The Sydney Morning Herlad &

The Age


‘White House: Turkey to invade northern Syria where Australian families are held’

Rawan Arraf, the director of the Australian Centre for International Justice, says the move highlights that Australia and other Western nations have “completely foregone their responsibilities and obligations” to bring back their own citizens to face justice.

September 23, 2019

The Sydney Morning Herlad &

The Age


‘SAS war crime inquiry: ‘In everyone’s interest’ for war crime inquiry to put an end to speculation’

Rawan Arraf, Australian Centre for International Justice director, welcomed the the steps undertaken by the AFP and the Inspector-General of Defence to travel to Afghanistan to investigate the allegations of war crimes by Australian forces.

“Genuine investigations into war crimes allegations are necessary for the accountability process,” she said.


July 24, 2019

SBS Dateline


‘UK court deems arms exports to Saudi illegal, is Australia next?’

The Director of the Australian Centre for International Justice, Rawan Arraf has been following the UK case from its inception in 2017. “We need to ensure Australia is not exporting arms to governments committing international humanitarian law violations,” she said. “There are serious questions about Australia’s export processes that need to be answered.”


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